PPhP Fludeoxyglucoes【F-18】Injection.

PPhB Fludeoxyglucose【F-18】Injection.
Diagnostic PET drug for malignant tumors and epilepsies
About NeuraCeq

PPhB fludeoxyglucose F18 injection (FDG) is a PET drug for wholebody PET scan of malignant tumors or brain PET scan of Epilepsy, and is useful for differential diagnosis of malignancy, staging of cancers, therapy evaluation and monitoring recurrence.

FDG produced by PET Pharm Biotech is currently the only one in Taiwanese market that has been granted Marketing Authorization, as opposed to those compounded by a few PET centers in hospitals. Also because our FDG production line is currently the only one in Taiwan that is actively producing this PET drug under PIC/S GMP guidelines, thus our FDG’s entire manufacturing processes, from material import to final drug product distribution, all are under government authority’s watchful eyes and are guaranteed their qualities and the quality standards are much beyond those required for hospital-produced FDG.