Florbetaben試劑臺灣臨床首用 非典型阿茲海默症無所遁形

近年來,德國研製Florbetaben試劑,使阿茲海默症病人腦部類澱粉蛋白沉積(Amyloid plaque)在正子造影(Positron Emission Tomography,簡稱PET)中無所遁形,使醫師可以透過影像判斷腦部病理性蛋白堆積,提高阿茲海默症診斷正確率,花蓮慈濟醫院今年初針對年輕型認知障礙病人向衛生福利部申請專案計畫....read more

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A new biomedical technology known as “molecular imaging” has made its way into global healthcare community. As its applications in medicine expanding, biomedical institutions take on this topic in research to tackle major diseases such as cancers and neurological disorders...

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